Beef Carpaccio with parmesan slices, capers and pepper 34 zł

Platter of fresh vegetable snacks served with mint sauce 19 zł

Herring tartare with redcurrant jam served on polish black bread 28 zł

Baked beetroots served with goat cheese and orange sauce 16 zł

Ceviche with shrimps and surimi served on fried tortilla 24 zł


Fish soup Na Skarpie 15 zł

Forest mushroom soup 15 zł

Tomato soup with parmesan slices 11 zł

Creamy corn soup with spicy nachos 13 zł

Sour rye soup with black bread crouton 13 zł


Honey ribs served with fried potatoes and red cabbage salad 39 zł

Chicken fillets cooked in chanterelle sauce served with vegetables risotto 39 zł

Pork tenderloin cooked in spinach and blue cheese sauce served on sweet potato pancakes 38 zł

Baked pork neck with mushroom sauce served with traditional polish noodles and fried beetroots 36 zł

Beef tenderloin steak with garlic butter served with steak house fries and rocket salad 67 zł

Roman salad with prosciutto served with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and baguette 28 zł

Aglio olio spaghetti with tiger prawns 32 zł

Black pasta with chicken and vegetables in creamy tomato sauce 28 zł

Hake fillet baked with herbs served on a vegetable pappardelle 39 zł

Fried pikeperch fillet with boletus sauce served with tree vegetables puree 44 zł

Pan-fried troutserved with sweet potato fries and fresh salad 37 zł

Crispy cod fillet served with baked vegetables 38 zł

Tiger prawns fried with garlic butter served with baguette and fresh salad 54 zł

Aromatic chanterelle stew served with potato pancakes 29 zł

Grilled vegetables with beetroot and feta cheese served with baguette 25 zł