Charzykowy is the most important tourist and holiday village of the region as well as the cradle of Polish sailing. Charzykowy is located in the south part of Pomeranian province, near the town of Chojnice and on the south-east shore of Lake Charzykowskie. To get there from Chojnice take route 212 towards Bytów and turn right where Chojnice ends into a recently built road (or a bike lane if you are a cyclist).

The village of Charzykowy is situated in the picturesque area, among lakes, rivers and woods. (Geographically, this area is referred to as Charzykowska Plain and it is a postglacial sandur i.e. a thick layer of sand and gravel deposited around 12 – 14 thousand years ago when last glacier was melting.) The village is within limits of “Bory Tucholskie” Biosphere Reserve (created in 2010), Zaborski Landscape Park and a buffer zone of “Bory Tucholskie” National Park.

Charzykowy is a perfect place for those who yearn to spend their holiday surrounded by forest, clean air, far from city noise; ideal for bicycle enthusiasts and for those who prefer walking.